Jungle Walk

Jungle walk is one the adventurous and entertaining activities of Chitwan. One can walk through dense forest around the natural habitat of the wild animals during the jungle walk. The tourist and guide are not allowed to carry weapon during the walk but the guide offer tips for safety at the start of walk. The danger of sudden encounter with wild animals is always present during the jungle walk.

The majority of sudden encounter with wild animals and rhinos. Thus maximum caution should exercised during the walk the provide opportunity to observe the wildlife from up close. IT is always wide decision to take the aid of experience guide during jungle walk. The guide take the tourist for 5 to 10km walk at one time offering chance to observe the wild animals and birds. One should not make the slight noise during jungle walk. Chitwan is considered as the best destination in Nepal for Jungle Walk. Walk out and stretch your leg into the forest accompanied by a professional as they share their extensive knowledge with your on your way to prime spots in quest of rear and endemic species. Be on the look out for the great one-horned rhinoceros, wild boar, sloth bear, bison, gangetic dolphins, gharial crocodile and Bengal tiger.

Jeep Safari

Jeep safari is an exciting ride on an open top jeep into the dense forest of jungle. It is possible to closely observe the wild animal as well as take their snaps during jeep safari. Jeep safari offers relative safety from wild animals.

As jeep safari are operated with regularly inside the jungle of sauraha the wild life are used to the right of jeep carrying tourist and generally do not run away when jeep gets near. Thus the jeep safari is an excellent way to observe the wild animals and travel through the jungle in sauraha.

Drive in the heart of the park for a good chance to spot the rear species, the drive take you long time worn trails with great opportunities of viewing a big animal. Don’t forget to move on to Kasara the park head quarters where in you will get to chance to Kasara Durbar and the crocodile breeding center. The center is housed with a numbers of breeding and hatching pounds and rear the animal until they are ready for release in the wild.

Canoe Trip

Tourist can be also embark on canoe ride along the Rapati River inside the Chitwan National Park and take a close view of crocodile and other wild animals. Tourist are exited to look at the crocodile taking sunbath on the river bank and take their photographs. The crocodile basking motionlessly under the sun with their snouts wide.

The chance to flow along with the river taking close look at the crocodile and jungle on the river bank attract the tourist to canoe trip. It is also possible to reach Jagatpur another tourism spot of Chitwan by canoe some 18km down streams from Sauraha.

Elephant Ride

The national park area of sauraha is most suitable is most suitable for elephant ride. Elephant ride is also the safest way to inter the jungle while one can observe wild animals and birds from up close. One can enter the dense forest of sauraha and view the wildlife from close proximity during the elephant ride. It feel very exciting and novel to move along through the quiet forest listening to the sound of wild birds singing from on top of the elephant back. There is also slogan “visit Chitwan ride elephant” population of tourism in sauraha.

Tower Night Stay

Tower night stay can be very memorable for adventure lovers where you can enjoy from sunset to sunrise inside the forest. Basic accommodation will be provided during your stay with your basic toilet. Food are prepared from the lodge and served inside jungle with care on tower night say our guide will be always with you during your stay in the tower.


Of all the animals, elephant probably the most graceful. Our naturalist will take you the hattisar to demonstrate how elephants meals are prepared and how they eat in the elephant breeding center. they will explain the nature and habits of elephants . The unique center was established in 1985 for the captive breeding of domesticated elephant trapping for domestication.


Savour the magnificent culture dance of the Tharu communities watching by the bone fire in the evening in any hotels of Sauraha.


Experience the uniquely placed culture of the Tharu people relish what their culture is like in the Tharu Village Museum in the heart of Sauraha Bachhauli. For centuries, the Tharu have lived very closed to this protected area and hence their tradition reflects their intimate relationship with the natural world. Visit the Tharu village and share their world with them as you reach out to touch another culture.