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The Tharu Home Stay which is situated at Ratnanagar -8 provide you the best experience on the lifestyle and culture of the Tharu people of the Terai through village tours, jungle safaris, and other attractions around Chitwan National Park. In many ways, the home stay is more like a simple resort than a home stay! Although the rooms are relatively simple, this home stay will serve you with all modern conveniences like running water, comfy beds, mosquito nets, ceiling fans, and Western-style toilets.

Sunset view - Tharu Home Stay
Sunset view - Tharu Home Stay
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Enjoy the beautiful sunset view from river side and one of the best culture and traditions along with various activities such as 'Jhamta' women's dance, 'Stick Dance' men's dance and 'Fire Dance' as well

Who are the Tharu Peoples?

The Tharu are one of the largest ethnic groups of Nepal with a population approximately 2.6 million (Census, 2011). They are indigenous inhabitants of the Terai the narrow strip of flat and fertile land that lies as the base of the Himalayas. Their physical features indicate a Tibeto-Burman an Cestry but because of the proximity of the Indian plain their language is similar to Bhojpuri and Hindi. The Tharu have unique rituals, festivals, and music, while their clothes and ornaments are similar to some ethnic groups of India. The Tharu are thus under threat of slowly losing their ethnic identity and culture values.

Tharu Home Stay